Tree’s Landscaping and Lawn Service is a family established; father-and-son; Veteran owned and operated business.

Born in southern Vietnam as the oldest of five children -and forced to flee from communism- Phai “Tree” Hoang truly believes in the American dream. His motto is: “Those who work hard will succeed.”

Because his father died at an early age, Tree was not able to have a formal education – as he had to help his mother financially to take care of the rest of his family. Nevertheless, he did not let this stop him from studying in his free time and obtaining his GED. Later, he became a certified mechanic, and currently holds his B license in Construction allowing him to build structures as intricate as a three story building.

His son, Tommy, was a NCAA Division I wrestler in college who later joined the United States Army in 2008. After five years of service and two tours in Afghanistan, Tommy gave up his commission as a military officer and was honorably discharged as a war Veteran. He now has returned to work with his father as he did before he joined the military.

Most people wonder how Tree got his nickname. The story is twofold: As a child, Tree always had a green thumb; coming from an underprivileged area, he would use the meager wages he earned to barter for grains, he would then grow whatever grains he got after coming home from work -both in Vietnam and America- to help feed his family. The second reason is that he was nicknamed “Chi” in Vietnamese.

However, because of his thick accent when he first immigrated to America, everyone thought he said his name was “Tree”. After Forty years, it seems the name has stuck!